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Your Trusted Garage Door Experts Aurora, CO

We have a team of garage door experts always ready to serve you with excellence. Whether you need help with new garage door installation or maintenance of your current one, we have you covered. Contact us today for the best garage door services in Aurora, CO.

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Garage Door Installation Services Aurora, CO

Preferred Garage Doors is your go-to choice for expert garage door installation in Aurora, CO. We know the importance of a well-installed garage door. After all, it doesn’t only impact the security and functionality of your home but aesthetic appeal as well. Therefore, we use advanced tools and methods to install your garage door perfectly. And that’s not all! We also offer a variety of residential and commercial garage doors for you to choose from. Contact us today for all your garage door needs.

Here are the steps we follow for the installation of your garage door:

  • Consultation
  • Material Selection
  • Measurement and Customization
  • Preparation of the area
  • Installation of new door
  • Testing and Fine Tuning


Same Day Garage Door Services Aurora, CO

A malfunctioning garage door can disturb your whole routine. And it will impact the security of your premises as well. Therefore, getting it fixed on time is very important. We understand the need for timely assistance in case of faulty garage doors. That is why we offer same day garage door services in Aurora, CO. Our expert team is ready to get back to you as soon as we receive your concern. And the best part: we are available 24/7. So, whether you face an unexpected issue in the middle of the day or late at night, we are ready to help!


Our Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Services Aurora, CO

We are all set to help you with all sorts of garage door repairs in Aurora, CO. Here are some of them:

Broken Springs

Our experts will replace the broken springs with new ones that match the specifications of your garage door. They will also ensure proper tension and alignment for smooth operations.

Worn Rollers

We replace worn rollers with new ones to make sure garage door operates smoothly. Apart from this, we also inspect the track for any damage caused by worn rollers.

Misaligned Tracks

We realign the tracks to ensure that the rollers move smoothly along them. For this, we tighten the loose bolts that hold the tracks in place. If the tracks are severely bent or damaged, we will replace them.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

The opener is a crucial part of your garage door and keeping it functioning well is important. Therefore, we offer timely repair services including fixing wiring issues, replacing the motor, or reprogramming the opener.

Broken Cables

You can also rely on us to replace the broken cables of your garage door with new ones per the specs of your garage door. Moreover, we always use cables that are high-quality and durable.


How We Help You with Garage Door Maintenance Aurora, CO

Thorough Inspection

We start the process with a detailed inspection of your garage door. This is helpful in enabling us to identify any hidden issues or potential problems in your garage door.

Opener Maintenance

Our garage door maintenance also includes inspecting the openers. We identify the faulty components and then repair or replace them.


We also properly lubricate all the moving parts including rollers, hinges, and springs to reduce any friction your door faces.

Safety Sensor Testing

We don’t just stop at the maintenance of your conventional garage door parts. In fact, we test and calibrate the safety sensors to make sure that the door operates properly.

Proactive Support

No doubt dealing with garage doors is overwhelming. Therefore, we are always prepared to help you in addressing issues and keeping your door well-maintained. 


High-Quality Garage Doors Aurora, CO

Sectional Garage Doors

Being popular among homeowners, this garage door is a great choice because of its high-functionality and visuals. They are available in a variety of materials, from steel to wood, etc.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

These garage doors are right for you if you are looking for something durable and space-saving. These operate smoothly and roll up into a compact coil above the door.

High-Speed Doors

These doors open and close at almost three times the speed of a standard overhead garage door. They are best for a space where quick access is required, like warehouses.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-Rated doors are designed to withstand the heat, smoke, and flames of a fire. They are the best choice for commercial spaces where fire safety is required.


Garage Door Replacement Aurora, CO

We are also skilled enough to replace garage doors when they are damaged beyond repair. A faulty door can be a major inconvenience as it disrupts the functionality and security of your home. But no worries! Our garage door experts are here to remove the worn-out door and replace it with a new one as quickly as possible. You can also consider our garage door replacement services in Aurora, CO, if you want to replace your old garage door to increase property value or to keep up with the advanced technology.


Why Choose Our Garage Door Company Aurora, CO

Our goal is to take the hassle out of garage doors for our clients. With us by your side, you don’t have to be stressed over any issue because we are ready to tackle everything. Here is why you should choose us:

Trained Professionals

We rigorously train all our garage door technicians to make sure that each one of them is capable enough to handle all sorts of garage door jobs, be it simple or complex. Also, they keep themselves updated with the latest technologies to provide you with the best possible service.

Prompt Response

We won’t let any garage door issue bother you for long. When you reach out to us with your problem, we shift all our focus towards quickly responding to you and addressing your garage door needs. Our team offers efficient solutions to get you back on your routine as early as possible.


Contact Us for the Best Garage Door Services in Aurora, CO

Whether you need help fixing a faulty garage door or installing a brand new one, we have the expertise to do it all. Just reach out to us with your concerns and let us provide you expert assistance for all your garage door needs in Aurora, CO.


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FAQs About Our Garage Door Company in Aurora, CO

When choosing a garage door, consider your home’s style, material preferences, and budget. Apart from these, you should also have factors like durability, insulation, and security features for a worthwhile purchase.

The prices of garage doors depend on various factors including their material, size and style. If you want to know more about their rates, reach out to us.

Check if the springs, tracks, rollers, and opener are working properly. Also, look for signs of wear, like loud noises or difficulty opening/closing. It is best to contact a professional like us for an accurate diagnosis and repair of your garage door problems.

Yes, we can! Our garage door experts are skilled at tackling all sorts of issues. So, reach out to us today and let us take care of everything else.

If your garage door sensor is not working, the door will not close properly or can reverse immediately after closing. You may also see a blinking light on the sensor or notice that the door opener light flashes when you attempt to close the door.


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Awesome experience! Joe was very friendly and knowledgeable. Came out same day to repair our garage door springs and quoted us a fair price. Did a great job and was done fairly quickly. Thank you.
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Sv31 Metaio
Great service, fast and friendly. Conner did a great job on our garage door, 10/10 highly recommend!


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