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Installing a new garage door can improve the looks of your home. Additionally, garage doors play a crucial role in protecting your property, and serving as an entryway to your home.

However, like any mechanical equipment, garage doors can show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether it’s a sudden grinding noise, a door that won’t open or close smoothly, or uneven opening speeds, it’s important not to ignore these signs, instead, reach out to our skilled Garage Door Technicians for Garage Door Repairs in Denver, CO.


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Common Garage Door Repair Services in Denver, CO

Different factors can affect your garage door’s performance. While some issues may seem manageable for DIY enthusiasts, relying on a professional Garage Door Technician is the right choice. Preferred Garage Doors experts have the right tools and extensive experience. They prioritize safety for efficient and accurate repairs. This is important because of the complexities and potential hazards associated with garage door hardware. Our Garage Door Repair Services include everything from fixing broken springs to Garage Door Opener Repairs.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Denver

A common reason for garage door repairs in Denver is a broken garage door spring. Garage doors, often weighing hundreds of pounds, rely on springs to help with manual lifting during emergencies or power outages. These springs ensure even weight distribution for smooth and balanced operation.

Several factors can lead to the breakage of garage door springs:

  • Rust
  • Regular Wear and Tear
  • Lack of Proper Maintenance

Garage Door Opener Repair in Denver, CO

Approximately 25% of garage door problems are related to garage door openers. These openers are intricate devices housed within a shoebox-sized unit. They contain several small gears, computer chips, and electrical wiring. If any of the 100+ components inside the garage door opener malfunctions, it can break the entire system. Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing these issues. As a Liftmaster Authorized Dealer, we take pride in our expertise, but we also service all makes and models of garage door openers.

Broken Garage Door Rollers

Typically, garage door roller replacement is recommended every seven years, as rollers, like springs, have a finite lifespan based on usage cycles. Operating your garage door with worn or insufficiently lubricated rollers can strain the more expensive components of the door, and the material of the rollers (such as plastic, steel, or nylon) also plays a role. Here are some common signs indicating the need for garage door roller replacement:

  • Excessive Door Vibrations
  • Door Alignment Issues
  • Noisy Garage Door Operation

Bent Garage Door Track Repair

The proper functioning of garage doors relies heavily on the condition of their horizontal and vertical tracks. When these tracks become bent, it can create obstacles for the rollers and the door itself, making it challenging to open or maintain stability on the tracks. Essentially, bent tracks may result in a garage door that refuses to open or is at risk of falling off.

If you’re experiencing the following issues, you may have bent garage door tracks:

  • Shaking Garage Door
  • Uneven Door Movement
  • Rail Damage

Safety Eye Sensors Repair

Tiny sensors, connected to your garage door system by even smaller wires, can occasionally experience shorts. External factors like a lawnmower bumping into them or natural wear and tear over a decade may knock them out of alignment or cause one to stop working. Regardless of the cause, our trucks are equipped with ample replacements to restore your garage door to proper functionality. It’s important to mention that various electrical issues could potentially lead to these sensor problems. We’ll assist in diagnosing the issue to ensure the safety eyes are operating as they should.

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In addition to this, if your garage door has worn-out cables, damaged panels, broken drums, loose brackets, hinges, struts, and other hardware issues, feel free to contact us through our website or call us at (720) 279-1604.


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Awesome experience! Joe was very friendly and knowledgeable. Came out same day to repair our garage door springs and quoted us a fair price. Did a great job and was done fairly quickly. Thank you.
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Sv31 Metaio
Great service, fast and friendly. Conner did a great job on our garage door, 10/10 highly recommend!



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