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Garage Door Repair in Northglenn, CO

Look for signs like squeaking or dragging sounds, sagging doors, uneven tracks, dents, etc to know whether you should be hiring a garage door specialist. At Preferred Garage Doors, our team of professionals is highly trained when it comes to a range of Garage Door Repair Issues. If you need Garage Door Repair in Northglenn, CO, contact us through our website or call (720) 279-1604. One look at your garage door by our professionals, and we can assure you your house will get a new garage door!

24-hour garage services in Northglenn CO

Garage doors serve an important role in the security of your home. This is why Preferred Garage Doors offers 24-Hour Garage Services. We perform emergency repairs for garage doors on a variety of issues so you and your family can remain safe and secure. Our 24-Hour Garage Services include emergency repairs such as stuck doors, jammed wheels or hinges, or broken springs. These issues can leave your property unsafe but you don’t need to worry since our team at Preferred Garage Doors is at your service.

New Garage Doors in Northglenn, CO

There comes a time when even the best garage doors reach their lifespan and need to be replaced with a New Garage Door. A New Garage Door in Northglenn, CO will not only improve your home’s design but also increase the resale value of your home. At Preferred Garage Doors, our experts will guide you through your options based on your property. You can be rest assured that you are in the best hands and your New Garage Door will last for years. Getting a New Garage Door will also give you the opportunity to add new features and specifications to your garage door and home. Want a new Garage Door Opener? Getting a New Garage Door installed can be the perfect opportunity to get one. 

Garage Door Openers in Northglenn, CO

Whether you have a faulty garage door opener or want to add one to your garage door, Preferred Garage Doors has you covered. We have a wide range of Garage Door Openers that can suit a variety of needs. Our technicians will ensure that the Garage Door Opener you are buying fits the model of your garage door. A Garage Door Opener is a valuable addition to your home because of the convenience of opening your garage door from the comfort of your car in addition to keeping you and your family secure. 

Spring Replacement

Garage Door Springs are an important part of a garage door supporting the weight and making up the mechanic that opens and closes the garage door. Springs can break or wear out in which case you should call professionals like Preferred Garage Doors for safe Garage Door Spring Replacement. It is extremely unsafe to attempt to repair a garage door spring by yourself since it can lead to severe injuries.

Off-Track Repairs

For Off-Track Garage Door Repairs, contact Preferred Garage Doors. A garage door can become saggy or drop on one side making it completely dysfunctional. But don’t worry – Preferred Garage Doors is here to help with Off-Track Garage Door Repairs in Northglenn. Sometimes, as hardware wears out, there can be enough slack on one cable to slip off the drum, causing one side to fall while the other rises with spring tension. This can result from damaged or loose hardware. With over 20 years of experience, our skilled technician will diagnose and make all necessary repairs to ensure your garage door operates smoothly like before.

Replacement Parts

When your garage door malfunctions, finding the right replacement part can feel overwhelming. You want to make sure you get the same quality as the original manufacturer’s part, but finding it at an affordable price can be challenging. Searching for the correct replacement part can turn into a costly guessing game, risking multiple purchases or settling for inferior quality. It’s hard to know which company offers the best deal, potentially wasting both time and money. At Preferred Garage Doors, we provide access to a wide selection of manufacturer-made replacement parts, eliminating the need to compromise on quality. Contact us today to find the right replacement parts for your garage door.

Garage Door Roller

If your garage door makes squeaking or scraping noises as it moves along the track, it is likely due to worn-out rollers. Most rollers are either made of plastic or steel, with the latter having six bearings that can wear out, loosen, and eventually break off. Steel rollers are often very noisy, especially in cold weather. The best solution is to replace them with steel rollers featuring a nylon head. These rollers come with 12 bearings designed to provide long-lasting performance. The nylon material ensures smooth and quiet operation, reducing resistance from friction and cold weather. Contact Hopper’s Garage Door Service to have your rollers inspected for wear and tear. We’ll replace them if necessary to ensure your garage door runs smoothly for years to come.

Preferred Garage Doors in Northglenn, CO

Every day, our mission is to deliver outstanding customer service for each and every garage door repair & installation customer.


You cannot sell trust, trust is something built over time with persistence and grit. Integrity, respect, and honor are values at the heart of all our work family keeping them going above and beyond. These values are what drive us to provide outstanding service each and every day!


Our staff is professionally trained in-house at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure each and every technician is fully capable of handling all of your garage door needs. We service all residential and commercial brands of garage doors, garage door openers, and gates.


We service both residential and commercial customers! From adding curb appeal to your home, fixing broken doors, or installing brand new doors, our team can take care of your home!

For our commercial customers, we offer light and heavy duty garage doors to meet the needs of businesses nad organizations. We can add options like glass, insulation, and even steel-backed panels for extra strength and durability. Contractors and new construction are welcome!


We’re dedicated to delivering garage door service you’ll be happy with & tell your friends. Along with having all professional licenses required by the state, we’re BBB A+ certified & have a five-star rating on Google!


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As a top garage door company Northglenn CO business in the area, we are happy to provide you with top-notch installation and repair service. When you’ve been searching for garage door companies Northglenn CO businesses to help you with your garage door project, it’s best if you utilize our excellent service. We can evaluate your situation, listen to your needs and give you the garage door service Northglenn CO installation or repair that’s best for your situation. When it comes to garage door repair Northglenn CO service, we are one of the best. Our trained technicians are equipped with the appropriate types of service tools so that they can get the job done as fast as possible and make sure that it is running correctly before they leave your property. We also have a top-notch garage door installation Northglenn CO service that you will like. You can choose from many types of manufacturers that we offer. As a reliable garage door contractor Northglenn CO business, we take pride in our ability to provide excellent garage doors to the community. Whether you need a garage door spring repair Northglenn CO service or our garage door opener repair Northglenn CO service, you always have our full attention and assistance. By using our fix garage door Northglenn CO company, you’ll have peace of mind and know that the job is being done right. When you need a garage door replacement Northglenn CO service or a repair, we know you will always be satisfied with our work ethic and knowledge.

It’s always nice to be able to have a garage door company Northglenn CO business that you can rely on for both repair and installation. We take pride in this ability and always strive to do our best when we are handling a project for our clients. If you would like to feel what it’s like to have a committed garage door service Northglenn CO company working on your project, be sure to hire us. We will strive to be your ideal garage door contractor Northglenn CO company.

As a top garage door company Northglenn CO business, we always utilize the latest safety measures when handling your garage door repair Northglenn CO service. Each of our technicians is trained to handle the latest garage doors efficiently and quickly so that you can have the job done right. When you need to have this job done safely, it’s best if you use our company. Garage doors are heavy, big and bulky and can be dangerous if they are not handled correctly. Not to mention, the mechanism that runs a garage door must be repaired so that it doesn’t cause a problem. These factors make it crucial for you to hire a company like ours that understands what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

When you are searching for a company to install your new garage doors, it’s best if you choose our garage door installation Northglenn CO service. We are a top garage door company Northglenn CO business and would be happy to assist you. When you’re ready to get started, contact us and ask any questions. We are ready to help.


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Awesome experience! Joe was very friendly and knowledgeable. Came out same day to repair our garage door springs and quoted us a fair price. Did a great job and was done fairly quickly. Thank you.
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Sv31 Metaio
Great service, fast and friendly. Conner did a great job on our garage door, 10/10 highly recommend!