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Thornton Garage Door Repair Thornton, CO

If your garage door is refusing to open or close, or if it’s emitting an unusual amount of noise, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If your door appears tilted or off-track, it may just require an adjustment. However, if there’s any damage to your garage door, our expert technicians excel at diagnosing and resolving issues promptly. One of the most common Garage Door Repairs we handle is a broken garage door spring. Since the spring is responsible for raising and lowering the door, if it’s broken, your garage door won’t operate properly. Contact us at Preferred Garage Doors for swift Garage Door Repairs. 

Garage Door Spring Repair Thornton, CO

When your garage door springs are acting up, our reliable repair and replacement services are exactly what you need. With skilled technicians equipped with the right tools and expertise, we can efficiently repair or replace your garage door springs. Ignoring this repair can be hazardous, as springs naturally wear down over time from aging, exposure to the elements, and accidents. Don’t risk safety – trust us to handle your garage door spring issues promptly and professionally.

Garage Door Installation Thornton, CO

Preferred Garage Door offers a variety of garage door brands and models that fit the needs of all our customers. Our trained staff can assist you with choosing the model that is perfect for your needs. We guarantee to use the highest quality materials and parts available to us, making your garage door last a long time. 

Garage Door Service Thornton CO

Routine Garage Door Maintenance is important for increasing the lifespan of your garage door. Lubricating moving parts like hinges, springs, tracks, and rollers can ensure the longevity of these parts and the smooth operation of your garage door. Our specialists provide a comprehensive Garage Door Maintenance Service which covers everything from lubrication to inspection for damage. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly repairs later on.

Garage Door Openers in Thornton CO

If your garage door opener is not working properly, it could be showing signs of wear and tear or experiencing other issues. Let our team take care of it by repairing or replacing the opener, ensuring it operates consistently and reliably. You can rely on our skilled experts to install top-quality Garage Door Openers from reputable manufacturers such as Genie and LiftMaster, providing you with peace of mind and reliable performance.

Why Choose Preferred Garage Doors in Thornton, CO

Every day, our mission is to deliver outstanding customer service for each and every garage door repair & installation customer.


You cannot sell trust, trust is something built over time with persistence and grit. Integrity, respect, and honor are values at the heart of all our work family keeping them going above and beyond. These values are what drive us to provide outstanding service each and every day!


Our staff is professionally trained in-house at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure each and every technician is fully capable of handling all of your garage door needs. We service all residential and commercial brands of garage doors, garage door openers and gates.


We service both residential and commercial customers! From adding curb appeal to your home, fixing broken doors, or installing brand new doors, our team can take care of your home!

For our commercial customers, we offer light and heavy-duty garage doors to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. We can add options like glass, insulation, and even steel-backed panels for extra strength and durability. Contractors and new construction are welcome!


We’re dedicated to delivering garage door service you’ll be happy with & tell your friends. Along with having all professional licenses required by the state, we’re BBB A+ certified & have a five-star rating on Google!


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It’s always good to have a service that you can rely on. After going through a search for garage door company Thorton  services, you’ll find that our Garage Door Installation Thornton CO company is one of the best. We take pride in our ability to give you excellent service. If you are looking for a garage door repair Thorton CO company that can come to your aid quickly and help you fix your problem, you have found your best solution. We are specialists at repairing these large units and can also provide you with a Garage Door Installation Thornton CO service if you need that done. As a garage door contractor Thorton CO professional, we utilize all of the latest techniques and have relationships with several top manufacturers. Whether it’s helping you with a garage door spring repair Thorton CO fix or garage door opener repair Thorton CO solution, we always have highly trained individuals who can assist with your garage door challenge. We know that you will be happy with the garage door replacement Thorton CO service that we provide and will always be available for your needs. It’s probably best if you choose our fix garage door service or installation service when you need the job done right. Be sure to contact us if you are ready to get  started. We’d be happy to help.

You will be utilizing a top garage door service Thorton CO company when you hire our business. We have the knowledge, tools and safety techniques to handle your garage door project. You’ll have a wide selection of Garage Door Installation Thornton CO to choose from if you require a new installation. If you’re using our fix garage door Thorton CO service, you’ll have the help of a seasoned and experienced technician. You can count on our Garage Door Installation Thornton CO business to assist you with all of your needs.

We can replace or add garage doors for you! If you’re looking for new garage doors, look here for great service in the Thornton area.

When you look at your Garage Door Installation Thornton CO and notice that they are not working correctly, you may need to utilize our fix garage door Thorton CO service. We have trained technicians who understand how the mechanisms work on several types of garage doors. By allowing us to do the work, it gets done safely, quickly and efficiently. Don’t try and work on these units by yourself. You will probably just get frustrated. The best course of action is to use our expertise and experience and contact a garage door repair Thorton CO representative on our team.

Our service in Thornton can help locally to repair your door! We’ve got you covered here with our professional garage door service.

One of the benefits of utilizing our Garage Door Installation Thornton CO service is that you’ll be getting the job done correctly and safely. We are familiar with all types of garage door installations and can do it safely and quickly. If there is a part missing, we know what to do. You have to remember that these doors are extremely heavy and need to be handled in a certain way. It’s usually best to have us do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have a dangerous accident occur. You’ll be in good hands when you utilize our garage door company Thorton CO service.


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Awesome experience! Joe was very friendly and knowledgeable. Came out same day to repair our garage door springs and quoted us a fair price. Did a great job and was done fairly quickly. Thank you.
Sv31 Metaio
Sv31 Metaio
Great service, fast and friendly. Conner did a great job on our garage door, 10/10 highly recommend!